Sunday Sentiments

  • The nation had the company of Mr Modi each day of the year

    Published On May 24, 2015

    Day after tomorrow Narendra Modi will have been Prime Minister of India for a full year. The one unquestionable thing you can say of this period is ...
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  • Grace in defeat, a lesson from Britain for Indian politicos

    Published On May 17, 2015

    I am an unmitigated – some would say incorrigible – anglophile and I’ve always believed there’s a lot we can learn from this small island na...
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  • He must grit his teeth and smile at the same time

    Published On May 10, 2015

    Has Mr. Modi’s sweeping Lok Sabha victory – and then his swift political progress through states like Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and Jammu ...
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  • Where were you when the earthquake took place?

    Published On May 3, 2015

    They say everyone can remember what they were doing when they heard President Kennedy had been assassinated. Even though I was barely 7 I’ll never...
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