Sunday Sentiments

  • We are all bound together by the towel

    Published On September 17, 2017

    Have you observed how in government offices the back of the chair behind the desk is usually covered by a towel? You won’t find it on any other chair but the one inte...
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  • Sorry Raghuram Rajan, I got it wrong

    Published On September 10, 2017

    Journalists often receive stories from confidential sources and, though we double-check, the information is ultimately accepted on trust. Alas, sometimes, we get it wro...
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  • Trump's threats ring hollow to Pakistan

    Published On September 3, 2017

    Donald Trump’s stinging criticism of Pakistan, rebuking the country for providing safe havens to terrorists and demanding immediate change, has, understandably, gladd...
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  • I'll miss Umed for the rest of my life

    Published On August 27, 2017

    One of the saddest things about relationships is you only realize how much they mean when you lose someone. Till then you take their presence for granted and rarely express appreciation.

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