Sunday Sentiments

  • The two faces of Narendra Modi – Politically bold and economically timorous

    Published On October 26, 2014

    It’s a paradox but Prime Minister Modi’s response to the political challenges he faces is significantly different to the way he handles the econ...
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  • The message from the polls: India is changing

    Published On October 19, 2014

    I wager the real significance of the Haryana and Maharashtra results lies beyond the simple fact of who wins. It’s the implied message about the c...
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  • The importance being Shashi Tharoor even if Congress disagrees

    Published On October 12, 2014

    Today I want to write in Shashi Tharoor’s defence. And I certainly hope that’s how he views it. For Shashi is a friend, a valued guest on my sho...
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  • If you’re listening Mr. Modi, these tips could be helpful

    Published On October 5, 2014

    I have to admit Mr. Modi is quite a guy! Whether you admire or dislike him – and he is a polarizing figure – you can’t stop watching him. When...
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