Sunday Sentiments

  • Secularism in crisis, it is now time for Modi to speak out

    Published On December 21, 2014

    Are you, like me, disturbed by developments over the last two weeks? I cannot say they are proof of a deliberate attempt to undermine our constituti...
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  • Thank you, smokers, for cutting the fiscal deficit

    Published On December 14, 2014

    I’m no longer a smoker. It’s nearly 17 years since I stopped although, to be honest, I still hope to take it up again one day. But that’s anot...
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  • Black money and white lies: the truth shames both BJP and Congress

    Published On December 7, 2014

    Did the BJP knowingly mislead the country by promising more than it could deliver on black money? The Congress says yes, the BJP no. Second, has the...
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  • One loud cheer for Mr. Modi – and don’t be squeamish about it!

    Published On November 30, 2014

    Prime Minister Modi’s invitation to President Obama to be the Chief Guest on Republic Day was not just a complete surprise but in many ways a fore...
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