Sunday Sentiments

  • If Bhagwat is any leader of men, he should say sorry

    Published On March 1, 2015

    The RSS Sarsanghchalak’s comment about Mother Teresa reeks of prejudice. More surprising is that he’s utterly uninformed about the service Mothe...
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  • What an aam aadmi can teach the Chief Minister if Mr. Kejriwal is willing to learn?

    Published On February 22, 2015

    Do you remember Rajesh Kumar Singh? I first introduced him to you four sundays ago. Most people know him as a young 26 year old barber at The Taj Ma...
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  • Unimpressed by power and money - that’s the message

    Published On February 15, 2015

    If distance lends perspective then perhaps the view from London, from where I watched the election results, can help put in sharper focus the messag...
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  • I guess both Bedi and Kejriwal must have a problem with me

    Published On February 8, 2015

    The voting in Delhi is over and now we’re in that tense period of not knowing who we’ve elected or whether we’ve ended up with a hung assembly...
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