Sunday Sentiments

  • It would not have been her style to fade away

    Published On November 19, 2017

    Today is the centenary of Indira Gandhi’s birth and you’re bound to read several assessments of her career and personality. Even thirty years after her death she bestrides our political horizon...
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  • Seriously, Shivraj Singh Chouhan!

    Published On November 12, 2017

    The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is, I’m sure, an honourable man and I have little doubt those who know him would add a hardworking politician as well. My concern...
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  • The jury is out on gains from the note ban

    Published On November 5, 2017

    As we approach its first anniversary has demonetization achieved its original objectives? On November 8th these were tackling corruption, counterfeit currency and terror-funding. Thereafter the Pri...
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  • Patriotism is needed only during a crisis

    Published On October 29, 2017

    Thank God for Justice Chandrachud! He’s raised a question millions have been asking for the last three years: “Why do people have to wear their patriotism on their ...
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