Sunday Sentiments

  • Modi can speak a little more to Indian media

    Published On July 23, 2017

    Some journalists have all the luck! Adam Roberts, the former South Asia Bureau Chief of The Economist, reveals in his recent book ‘Superfast Primetime Ultimate Nation...
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  • The Government didn't push Rajan out of RBI

    Published On July 16, 2017

    Most people consider me a critic or, at least, not a supporter of the Modi government. I wouldn’t quarrel with either description. However, I also see myself as an ob...
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  • It's been a momentous two decades indeed!

    Published On July 9, 2017

    Today Sunday Sentiments is 20 years old. It can now claim to be an adult column! However, the elements of juvenility that you frequently glimpse are a true reflection o...
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  • Cry my beloved country – or not?

    Published On July 2, 2017

    I’m not just confused, I’m also shaken and upset. To be honest, I cannot understand what’s happening around us. I know the depressing details and I’m aware of t...
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